O T H E R   P R O J E C T S

One day, Storyboards.CA will electronically house a number of ambitious elements for free purusal, and catalogue shopping. These exciting projects will be found here in the Other Projects section of the web-site. These include:

A Dynamic Screen Saver of Original Artwork;
Accompanying Original Music;
Original Artwork and Merchandise for sale;
and “BosAnamatics”: Virtual Anamatics emailed directly to you, or burned to disc for your boardroom’s DVD player.

But hey, it’s evolving remember? It will all be realised with appropriate spurts of growth, and perhaps some unnatural selection. For now, all I will offer for your viewing as a little slice of the process is a list of a thinned herd called--

My Top Ten Rejected Slogans for Storyboards.CA

10. Storyboards.CA...Yeah, that’s right.
9. Storyboards.CA...Because You Can’t Draw!
8. Storyboards.CA...Where Lines Are Drawn.
7. Storyboards.CA...I draw, you relax.
6. Storyboards.CA...Don't Waste Any Time Entering A Three Letter Domain
5. Storyboards.CA...You say jump, and I say;
how about 3/4 for that, and what lens will you be using?
4. Storyboards.CA...Somewhere Out There, Paper's STILL Being Used!
3. Storyboards.CA...Two Dimensions, One Dementia.
2. Storyboards.CA...Meeting Minds Without Shaking Hands.
ONE. Storyboards.CA...Come to Poppa!

© Antun Bosanac 2003

The Evolution of Your Project.