One day, this will be a demo film entitled;
“What I Mean Exactly By Virtually Working For You”
One day, sound will abound from Storyboards.CA too.
Yeah, but for now, if you want to know how I work, and how to work with me:
you need to read...

Welcome to Storyboards.CA. My name is Antun Bosanac. This is the electronic home of some of the work I have done over the past nine years as a Freelance Artist. This web-site is also the link to my services for clients worldwide!

Under your direction, I can choose different tools to deliver different styles of illustration: simple lines(for a graphic look, which is best for fax); smudged pencil(for a tonal, painterly look); ink markers(for bold contrast and sharpness).

Time permitting, my work can be as detailed as you want it to be. If you know your talent, then send photos. If you know your locations, then send those photos. Send any specific information you have via email or facsimile.

When meeting is possible, I draw quick sketches while speaking with a director. The telephone is the next best way for me to get instruction. Receiving a copy of the script is standard. And whenever possible, A Detailed Shot List emailed or faxed to me is very helpful. By all means, if you have any of your own chicken-scratch, I mean sketches, send those too. When they aren’t helpful, they are usually good for a laugh.

Unlike most Storyboard Artists and Illustrators, I did not study Fine Arts. I have a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto instead. So, unlike most, I understand film terminology, and am conscious of camera movement, blocking, continuity, editing, lighting and lenses.

For projects which have as yet very few specifics, I offer my imagination as well as my expertise. Some of my favourite projects have been the conceptual ones, which ask me to design characters, or sets, or be creative with an existing idea.

Depending on your schedule, I will send you ‘pencils’(email/facsimile). Viewing these drawings gives you the opportunity to verify compositions, make changes if needed, and answer any questions I may have written under, or near the frame/work. Then, I am able to finish the pencils.

I typically deliver an image on an 8-1/2x11”, A4, LTR page, which is 64% of the original size of the pencils(drawn on an 11x17”, A3 sheet of paper). Reducing my original work via photocopier/scanner gives a greater sense of detail to the ‘finished work’, and also transforms my grey pencil to black ink. I supply a number(at your request) of these copies as finished work, which become the masters of as many copies as you wish to make. Delivered electronically, finished work would take the form of a JPEG or FAX, from which you may generate as many masters/copies as you wish. Hard copies can be mailed/couriered at your request to a street address as well, if time allows.

Turn-around times can vary by the type of illustration chosen. 30 Black&White frames in a 10-hour work day is very comfortable for me, but literally ANY NUMBER OF FRAMES IS POSSIBLE DEPENDING ON THE STYLE CHOSEN! Working overnight to finish a job is something I can do for short-term projects like commercials. However, long-term projects like feature films, or M.O.W.s will require me to get some sleep.

Lord only knows where I am right now, but I could be virtually working for you!

Enjoy this evolving site, and please return to see its progress.

Antun Bosanac - Artist/Illustrator